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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) offer limited liability protection for an association of persons doing business. LLP is ideal for small businesses.

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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was presented in India by method for the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. The fundamental preface behind the presentation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is to give a type of business element that is easy to keep up while giving limited liability to the proprietors. Since, its presentation in 2010, LLPs have been generally welcomed with more than 1 lakhs enlistments so far until September, 2014.

The primary favorable position of a Limited Liability Partnership over a conventional partnership firm is that in a LLP, one accomplice isn't capable or subject for another accomplice's unfortunate behavior or carelessness. A LLP additionally gives limited liability insurance to the proprietors from the obligations of the LLP. In this way, all accomplices in a LLP appreciate a type of limited liability security for every individual's insurance inside the partnership, like that of the investors of a private limited organization. In any case, not at all like private limited organization investor, the accomplices of a LLP have the privilege to deal with the business straightforwardly.

LLP is one of the least demanding type of business to fuse and oversee in India. With a simple consolidation process and basic consistence conventions, LLP is favored by Professionals, Micro and Small organizations that are family claimed or firmly held. Since, LLPs are not fit for issuing value shares, LLP ought to be utilized for any business that has plans for raising value stores amid its lifecycle.

JBB CORPORATE CONSULTANCY PVT LTD is the market pioneer in LLP enrollment benefits in India. Notwithstanding LLP enlistment, JBB CORPORATE CONSULTANCY PVT LTD additionally offers an assortment of business enrollment administrations like private limited organization enlistment, one individual organization enrollment, Nidhi Company Registration, Section 8 Company Registration, Producer Company Registration and Indian Subsidiary enrollment. The normal time taken to finish a LLP enlistment is around 15 - 20 working days, subject to government handling time and customer archive accommodation. Get a free interview on LLP enrollment and business setup in India by planning a meeting with an JBB CORPORATE CONSULTANCY PVT LTD Advisor.

Reasons to Register a Limited Liability Partnership

Uninterrupted Existence

A LLP has 'unending progression', that is proceeded or continuous presence until the point that it is legitimately broken up. A LLP being a different lawful individual, is unaffected by the demise or other flight of any Partner. Thus, a LLP keeps on being in presence independent of the adjustments in possession.

Easy Transferability

The responsibility for LLP can be effectively exchanged to someone else by enlisting them as a Partner of the LLP. LLP is a different lawful substance isolate from its Partners, so by changing the Partners, the responsibility for LLP can be changed.

Audit NOT Required

A LLP does not require review in the event that it has not as much as Rs. 40 lakhs of turnover and under Rs.25 lakhs of capital commitment. Accordingly, LLPs are perfect for new companies and private companies that are simply beginning their operations and need to have insignificant administrative consistence related conventions.

Owning Property

A LLP being a counterfeit legal individual, can secure, claim, appreciate and offer, property in its name. No Partner can make any claim upon the property of the LLP - insofar as the LLP is a going concern.


Separate Legal Entity

A LLP is a legitimate substance and a juristic individual set up under the Act. Thusly, a LLP has wide lawful limit and can possess property and furthermore bring about obligations. In any case, the Partners of a LLP have no liability to the loan bosses of a LLP for the obligations of the LLP.

Documents Required for LLP Registration

Identity and Address Proof

Character and address verification will be required for all accomplices of the LLP to be consolidated. If there should arise an occurrence of Indian nationals, PAN is required. For outside nationals, apostilled or notarised duplicate of visa must be submitted obligatorily. All records submitted must be substantial. Home confirmation archives like bank explanation or power charge must be under 2 months old.

Enrolled Office Proof

All LLPs must have an enrolled office in India. To demonstrate access to the enlisted office, a current duplicate of the power bill or property impose receipt or water charge must be submitted. Alongside the service charge, rental understanding or deal deed and a letter from the proprietor with his/her agree to utilize the workplace as an enlisted office of an organization must be submitted.