Easily Maintain Company Compliance

For a company, board meeting must be conducted, returns must be filed and statutory register must be maintained to maintain compliance.

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Company Annual Filing

Organizations in India must direct an Annual General Meeting toward the finish of each money related year and record an annual come back with the Ministry of Corporate Affair to look after consistence. For recently fused Companies, the Annual General Meeting ought to be held inside year and a half from date of fuse or 9 months from the date of shutting of money related year, whichever is prior. Ensuing Annual General Meeting ought to be held inside a half year from the finish of that money related year. In India, typically the money related year begins on April first and end on 31st March. So a Company's annual profit would be for September 30th.

Annual return comprises of data and records that incorporate the Balance Sheet of the Company, Profit and Loss Account, Compliance Certificate, Registered Office Address, Register of Member, Shares and Debentures subtle elements, Debt points of interest and data about the Management of the Company. The annual return would likewise reveal the shareholding structure of the Company, changes in Directorship and points of interest of exchanges of securities. JBB CORPORATE CONSULTANCY PVT LTD can help document your Company's annual return in India.

Company Annual Filing

Easy Transferability

Offers of a company constrained by shares are transferable by an investor to some other individual. Recording and marking an offer exchange shape and giving over the purchaser of the offers alongside share endorsement can without much of a stretch exchange shares.

Uninterrupted Existance

A company has 'interminable progression', that is proceeded or uninterrupted presence until the point that it is legally broken down. A company, being a separate legal individual, is unaffected by the demise or other flight of any part however keeps on being in presence regardless of the adjustments in enrollment.

Owning Property

A company being a juristic individual, can procure, claim, appreciate and distance, property in its own particular name. No investor can make any claim upon the property of the company inasmuch as the company is a going concern.

Borrowing Capacity

A company appreciates better roads for borrowing of assets. It can issue debentures, secured and unsecured and can likewise acknowledge stores from the general population, and so forth. Notwithstanding keeping money and budgetary organizations want to render expansive monetary help to a company as opposed to association firms or restrictive concerns.


Separate Legal Entity

A company is a legal entity and a juristic individual set up under the Act. Along these lines a company type of association has wide legal capacity and can claim property and furthermore bring about obligations. The individuals (Shareholders/Directors) of a company have no risk to the lenders of a company for such obligations.